Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth defines grit as passion and perseverance for long-term goals. Check out her TED talk to learn more.

The compelling finding that 'grittier' students tend to have better academic outcomes has begged the question: How can schools foster grit in their students? We are working with a diverse network of public, state, and independent schools in the UK and US to study grit. Our results suggest that grit does not require pushing oneself at all costs, as often portrayed in popular media, but rather cultivating self-regulation skills and effective learning strategies. We are working with teachers and students at our partner schools to develop research-based interventions that target the self-regulation skills and learning strategies thought to underpin grit. We hope to develop interventions that effectively support grit in a diverse population of students, which we will share freely with educators around the globe. To learn more, read this BBC article on our research.