Making Caring Common

Harvard Ed School's Making Caring Common project works to strengthen the abilities of parents and caretakers, schools, and community members to develop caring, ethical children. Good Morning America interviews Richard Weissbourd about Making Caring Common's research on care.

Our Research on Care

In our research, we explored how students and alumni at a school with a strong focus on global education develop care for people in other countries and cultures. We interviewed 4th grade students, 8th grade students, 11th grade students, and alumni, and analyzed the interview data using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Our results suggest that students at this school follow learning pathways of increasing complexity and abstraction as they develop an understanding of care. For example, 4th grade students tend to care for the concrete needs of people, often emphasizing that we should take care of those who do not have enough food or water. As students progress through the grades, they increasingly articulate the importance of caring for the abstract needs of others as well, such dignity, freedom, and love. 

Resources on Care

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