Research Schools International (RSI) partners researchers with schools around the world to inspire research-based innovation in education.

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Research Schools Model

Research is conducted in living schools through partnerships among researchers and practitioners. Researchers work with administrators, teachers, and students at each partner school to formulate research questions that are important to the school. Researchers then carry out a study to address those questions, working collaboratively with practitioners throughout the research process. The research team then prepares a report that presents the research findings and considers implications for practice.

Professional development is led by researchers at the school. The research team works with administrators and teachers throughout the year through videoconferencing to build their knowledge of relevant research and hone their action research skills. At the end of the academic year, researchers lead a professional development workshop at each school based on the findings of each research study. In addition, the bi-annual International Research Schools Symposium brings together researchers and our partner schools from around the world to discuss all of our research projects. 

Dissemination of research findings is a key aspect of the research schools model. Researchers and practitioners collaborate to create usable knowledge based on our research to share with educators around the globe.